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My Rates


The cost of the services I offer are based on how much time I spend working with and for my clients. No one service costs more than another, so clients can 'cherry-pick' at will from the services offered, selecting those which will be of most use to them.

'Billable time' includes all time spent on scheduled calls with a client, and any additional time spent by me working offline on initiatives as directed by the client. For example, if a client wants me to prepare a series of technical questions to be asked in a vendor meeting, the time I spend preparing this material is billable. The minimum duration of a scheduled call is 30 minutes.

Each calendar month Clients are sent a statement indicating exactly how much time I spent working for them, and on which projects.

Payment Options

There are two payment options. An 'ad-hoc' model allows clients to pre-pay for a specified number of hours which they can then use at any time during designated work hours when I am available. The more hours pre-purchased, the lower the average hourly rate, as follows:

First 5 Hours   Next 5 Hours   Next 10 Hours   Thereafter
$300/hr $280/hr $250/hr $200/hr

So if a client purchases 3 hours the cost is (3 x $300) = $900. If they purchase 6 hours the cost is (5 x $300) + (1 x $280) = $1,780. And for 12 hours the cost is (5 x $300) + (5 x $280) + (2 x $250) = $3,400.

Pre-purchased hours need to be used within 1 calendar year of purchase.

Alternatively clients can select a subscription model where a pre-paid fixed charge buys up to a maximum number of hours per calendar month, as follows:

'5HrsMonth' - Up to 5 Hours/Month  '10HrsMonth' - Up to 10 Hours/Month  '20HrsMonth' - Up to 20 Hours/Month
$1,250/month $2,250/month $4,000/month
= $250/hr = $225/hr = $200/hr

The subscription model requires a minimum 3-month commitment, and typically unused hours do not 'roll-over' into the next month. If there are extenuating circumstances which prevent a client from using their hours it may be possible to move unused hours from one month to the next, depending upon my availability. The first payment is made by the client prior to the start of the first month; subsequent months are then charged automatically, either until the previously-agreed termination date of the subscription, or the client requests that the subscription be terminated.

All service charges are in US$ and are subject to CT Sales Tax, with payments being made using a major credit card.

Booking Time

I work with clients from 10am until 5pm EST, Monday to Friday. After payment has been made clients contact me to book time during these hours based on my availability. In general I need at least 24 hours' notice before a scheduled client session, although I will always try to be as flexible as possible.

If a client needs to book time which is outside of my usual work hours I will do my best to accommodate them, but there may be an additional charge.

If, without any advance notice being given, a client is not available at the time of a scheduled booking, the time booked may still count as being used. Again, I will try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.